Here are some solutions to the most common problems. Please also check out our Support pages including our new User Manuals written by us instead of translated from Chinese.

Drone does not lift off, lifts on one side or flips over.

Drones require the propellers to work equally to hover and are quite sensitive as variations in propeller speed are what moves the drone in different directions. The motors and propellers rotate clockwise (CW) or Counterclockwise (CCW) around the drone as below.

NOTE: the above diagram implies the front left propeller rotates clockwise. The propellers need to alternate but this diagram could be rotated 90deg and the front left rotates clockwise.

The motors and propellers have to be perfectly balanced. The trim buttons on the Controller will remove minor inconsistencies, see our video "How to trim your drone for easy flying" under Support> Training Videos. Anything more major may be due to a number of possibilities.

  1. If propeller blades have come off and been replaced they may have been replaced incorrectly. This usually shows by the drone not lifting on one side and requires the two blades on the side that does not lift to be swapped.
  2. I have found cotton or similar wrapped around a propeller shaft causing that motor to run slowly. You can remove the propellers by removing the central screw and gently levering off. Smaller propellers don't have a screw and are just a push fit.
  3. If the propeller is a push fit and has been on and off a few times it could be loose and not turning at full speed. Most drones come with spare propellers so you can replace them. Make sure to replace cw with cw and ccw with ccw, look at the twist on the end of the blade to make sure you are replacing like with like.
  4. If the propeller has been damaged it may not have the correct shape and again should be replaced.
  5. There is also the possibility there is a fault with the motor or the electronics. Spare motors and circuit boards are available but some require soldering tools to replace others are just plug in.