The Drone Warehouse has added a new Troubleshooting Category via our SUPPORT heading on the Menu Bar.

Here are some solutions to the most common problems. 

Drone does not lift off, lifts on one side or flips over.

Drones require the propellers to work equally to hover and are quite sensitive as variations in propeller speed are what moves the drone in different directions. The motors and propellers rotate clockwise (CW) or Counterclockwise (CCW) around the drone as below.

NOTE: the above diagram implies the front left propeller rotates clockwise. The propellers need to alternate but this diagram could be rotated 90deg and the front left rotates clockwise.

The motors and propellers have to be perfectly balanced. The trim buttons on the Controller will remove minor inconsistencies, see our video "How to trim your drone for easy flying" under Support> Training Videos. Anything more major may be due to a number of possibilities. Follow the link below for more information.

Troubleshooting Guide

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