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New Features on Drones

There are a number of new features that keep appearing on each new drone release. Here are some of them.

HAND GESTURE MODE:   This mode allows users to control the aircraft via simple hand and arm movements, as well as take selfies. The drone has to be very close to you to do this. Photo courtesy of 



WAYPOINT:  A waypoint is a set of coordinates that identify a specific point in physical space. Drones with waypoint technology typically utilize Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) — which are two different networks of satellites orbiting the earth to create waypoints.

As a drone pilot you can map a desired flight path with waypoints and specify the location and hover duration at each point. You can also save the flight path, which enables you to complete very precise routes and fly repeat missions in the future.

OPTICAL FLOW POSITIONING:   Optical flow is a feature that allows the drone to hold its position without a pilot's input. ... Optical flow positioning, when used in conjunction with altitude hold, is a great feature to have for beginners who still lack the intermediate to advanced skills needed to pilot a drone efficiently.


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