Christmas is coming!

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Christmas is coming!

With Christmas fast approaching, sometimes it’s difficult to find items that will keep children amused, entertained and occupied.

It’s nice to think that children still appreciate thoughtful gifts as opposed to digital downloads and gifts that keep them glued to an iPad or a tablet device.
So, we’re come up with some different ideas for you to consider when you are deciding what to buy the children or grandchildren this year!

The JJRC H36 offers plenty of value for a mini quadcopter. The JJRC H20 Hexacopter is a surprisingly nimble yet stable drone and the FQ777-124 Pocket Quadcopter is one of the most convenient quadcopters around. It is easy to fly and extremely portable. Check them out at

Don't be disappointed this year. Get in early to grab the drone that you want for either yourself or your loved one.

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